A third floating storage and regasification unit has arrived in Germany with a first import cargo en route from the Middle East.

Eikland Energy’s iGIS/LNG service showed the Hoegh Gannet FSRU berthed at the new Elbehafen liquefied natual gas terminal in Brunsbuttel near Hamburg, according to Upstream’s sister shipping publication Tradewinds.

Elbehafen was developed by German utility RWE and will be operated by Deutsche Energy Terminal. It is about to become the country’s third operational LNG terminal.

The Hoegh Gannet has LNG-carrying capacity of 170,000 cubic metres, but was reported to be loaded with about a quarter of this volume to be used for commissioning operations. The cargo was loaded in Spain.

On Thursday, Oslo-based Hoegh LNG signed a 10-year charter agreement with the German government for the unit.

“We are proud to sign the second contract with the Federal Government of Germany for the new LNG import terminal in Brunsbuttel and look forward to starting operations together with RWE and the other partners,” Hoegh LNG chief executive Erik Nyheim said.

Hoegh’s first 10-year charter agreement with the German government covered the Hoegh Esperanza FSRU, which arrived at the Uniper-operated Wilhelmshaven site in mid-December.

Hoegh also has a second FSRU working in Germany, with the Neptune FSRU starting operations at the Deutsche Ostsee LNG terminal in Lubmin last weekend following an inauguration ceremony attended by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

This private sector terminal, backed by TotalEnergies and Deutsche ReGas, officially opened on 14 January. The FSRU was provided by TotalEnergies under an earlier charter.

Together, the three terminals will add a combined 15 billion cubic metres of regasification capacity in time for the gas storage refilling season later this year.

The country expects to put three more LNG import terminals into operation, using FSRUs in Wilhelmshaven, Stade and Lubmin.

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