Operators like Chevron, BP and Anadarko are making progress on some significant field development projects in the deep-water Gulf.

As we discuss this week, semi-submersible designs and overall US production and coming out ahead with the latest news, while spars and people who build them look to be getting the short end of the stick.

Back onshore, Noah Brenner tells us why the Hayneville shale is suddenly back in vogue, and how major operators may be forced to change their approach to hedging if they want to win in the unconventional game.

Ernst & Young failed to do their job, enabling "major tax fraud" in the oil industry, plus more, this week on The Bit.

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  • Anadarko has finally made a concept selection for its Shenandoah project, but likely will not take a final investment decision until next year.
  • BP is said to be close to awarding a contract for construction of the hull for the giant Mad Dog 2 semisub.
  • Chevron has emerged with a concept to develop the Anchor discovery and the Tigris cluster in the US Gulf, and could put out a pre-FEED tender soon.
  • Meanwhile, Chevron is drilling ahead on key appraisal wells for both potential developments.
  • BHP Billiton is one of several companies getting back to work in the Haynesville dry gas play, where the company is still learning the unique dynamics of the shale industry.
  • Ernst & Young have settled claims with the US Securities & Exchange Commission that it ignored clear warnings while auditing Weatherford International, which paid a separate settlement with the SEC for alleged tax fraud.

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