And the moral of the story is… Singapore contractor Sembcorp Marine’s yard is a great place for oil companies to have their platforms and modules built but it is not so great for anglers.

Two men who decided Sembmarine’s Tuas yard would be the ideal spot from where to catch their supper, crawled through a gap in the yard’s perimeter fence and spent an afternoon fishing in the restricted area, which is managed by Singapore’s Jurong Town Corporation.

Neither of the men caught any fish but they did get caught themselves — nabbed by police officers as they were crawling back out through the same hole in the fence.

One of the two anglers was fined S$600 (US$442) for trespassing on government premises while the other received a warning from a Singapore court.

With the power of hindsight, it would have been a lot less stressful — and cheaper — for the two 20-somethings to have simply visited their local chippy.