Russia’s state controlled gas titan Gazprom is planning to build a third skyscraper on the fast-changing Baltic skyline of St Petersburg, showing an insatiable appetite for office space.

The plan follows closely behind an earlier Gazprom project to build Russia's largest skyscraper, towering 703 metres, right next to its headquarters.

The Lakhta Centre, as Gazprom headquarters is known, was feted as Europe’s tallest building when it was concluded in 2018.

Lakhta 2, as the tallest tower is known, is still in the detailed design phase according to Gazprom, but the gas giant has already unveiled plans for Lakhta 3, which will have a height of just 555 metres.

The height of Lakhta 2 may not be a coincidence. The Hidden Numerology website, describes 555 as an angel number that “resonates with the energy of affirmative change”.

Wags attribute the choice to a whim of Gazprom boss Alexei Miller, whose relations with his former boss Vladimir Putin prior to the latter's election in 2000, were said to explain his own appointment in 2001.

Miller began the new year by proclaiming that Gazprom will post the highest annual revenues in the company’s corporate history for 2021, on the back of strong gas demand in Russia, Europe and Asia.

With the global energy market environment evolving rapidly, time will tell whether Lakhta 3 will indeed help the wheel of fortune turn Gazprom's way.