Jasper Peijs, who was up until recently BP’s head of Africa exploration, has founded a new company that builds on his hefty geological pedigree.

Like many geologists and geophysicists “let go” by their supermajor employers as they go greener, he has set up a consultancy offering upstream and energy transition advisory services.

But in a fresh twist, Peijs, whose career had been about finding oil and gas in rocks, has also established a charitable organisation in the UK to sell the "beautiful rocks”.

Georocks’ first-ever sale is set to take place this weekend at the London offices of Envoi, an acquisition and divestment consultancy headed by Mike Lakin.

In a write-up, Envoi said Georocks is, “to our knowledge, the first UK company to be set up specifically as a non-profit organisation to sell beautiful rocks, fossils and mineral specimens", initially once a year, at a fraction of the retail price — up to about 70% off.

The primary aim of this weekend's sale is to raise money and donate 10% of all proceeds to the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, a registered charity.

Envoi said this concept of selling wholesale rocks, minerals and fossils with a charitable favour has been running in the US for over 15 years by Georocks’ sister organisation — Houston-based Geointeriors — which has so far raised over $350,000 for good causes.

Among the shiny, glittery and colourful items on offer this weekend are amethyst "cathedrals", agate geodes and citrine from Brazil, while from Madagascar, there are ammonites, labradorites, fluorites and bowls made from minerals and petrified wood.

So, if geology is your thing, then why not rock up to Envoi’s office near West Ealing tube station this weekend to see what’s been unpacked?

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