Lukoil is readying a raft of social investments in the central Russian republic of Komi, with apartments, healthcare and childcare facilities in the offing.

The country’s largest privately held oil producer is also set to help in building a new museum complex in the neighbouring Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (Yugra).

Unveiling a plethora of social and economic initiatives at last week’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Lukoil president Vagit Alekperov met Komi leader Vladimir Uyba as the company committed to investing 500 million roubles ($7 million this year) on social and economic development in the region.

“Significant means will be allocated to expand an outpatient clinic [and] to build and outfit a childcare centre,” Lukoil said.

A number of other projects will also see settlements in the region reaping benefits, such as the creation of a new water treatment and supply system, reconstruction of a boarding school, and repurposing a former orphanage as an arts school.

“The ongoing social partnership also suggests continuous construction of apartment blocks, as well as organising various charity events and projects,” Lukoil added.

Lukoil has donated more than 8 billion roubles for social, economic and environmental initiatives in Komi over the past 22 years.

In the neighbouring Yugra district, meanwhile, the producer signed a joint agreement on cultural co-operation that envisages the construction of a new complex, which will serve as the Kogalym branch of the State Russian Museum.

“The people of Yugra will get access to valuable cultural artefacts and information services of world's largest collection of Russian art,” Lukoil said.

Previous Lukoil-backed initiatives in the region have seen the first local branch of the State Academic Maly Theatre outside of Moscow opening in Kogalym.

Also, a sports and cultural centre featuring a greenhouse, aquarium and water park as well as a new education centre and a church have received Lukoil investment over the years.