Motorists in Malaysia will soon have one less thing to worry about when national oil company Petronas starts up its planned new innovative mobile fuel delivery service.

Drivers will be able to order petrol online and the Petronas ROVR service will deliver the fuel to their vehicle, any time day or night.

The service is not yet available although Petronas has rolled out a test page allowing prospective customers to try out the ordering experience, according to website

Fuel-hungry drivers will have the option of ordering by the number of litres, price or a full tank.

Delivery charges vary between 5 ringitt and 15 ringgit ($1.20 to $3.60) depending on the location and time, with the highest fee expected to be for delivery within two hours — which could be a lifesaver if you’ve run out of petrol on the highway.

If it is raining or you find yourself in that all-important meeting, you can simply notify Petronas where your car is parked, leave the fuel cap unlocked and let them do the necessary.

The scheme will initially only be available in the capital Kuala Lumpur and the encompassing Klang Valley before being expanded across Peninsular Malaysia.

Petronas’ ROVR project started via a pilot programme in 2019 and was initially rolled out offering diesel to truck drivers.