French giant Total has partnered with tech player LanzaTech and beauty products expert L’Oreal to deliver what they describe as “sustainable packaging”.

The trio this week premiered what they claim is the world’s first sustainable packaging made from captured and recycled carbon emissions.

The conversion process includes LanzaTech’s industrial CCS technology that converts emissions into ethanol, while Total applies a dehydration process jointly developed with technology provider IFP Axens, which converts the ethanol into polyethylene.

L’Oreal then uses this polyethylene to produce packaging that has the same quality and properties as conventional polyethylene.

The partners now intend to continue working together on scaling the production of these sustainable plastics.

Total vice president polymers, Valerie Goff, said: "The development of this new pathway of valuing industrial carbon emissions... contributes to the group's commitment to get to net zero [in terms of carbon emissions] in Europe by 2050."

Jacques Playe, L’Oreal’s packaging and development director, said: “We have the ambition to use this sustainable material in our bottle of shampoo and conditioner by 2024.”

LanzaTech chief executive Jennifer Holmgren added: “Together, we can reduce the carbon footprint of packaging by converting carbon emissions into useful products, making single-use carbon a thing of the past.”