Malaysian offshore vessel provider Icon Offshore has secured contract extensions for a combined four wells for its sole jack-up drilling rig.

Icon said its subsidiary Perisai Offshore had received a letter of award from an unnamed oil and gas company to exercise two extension options; the first was for three wells, and the second for one well.

The background to the latest award is that Icon received a contract last December for a drilling programme that started in mid-April 2021 for a duration of 180 days covering eight wells.

That award had provisions for three contract extensions for up to six wells.

The client was Petrofac (Malaysia-PM304).

The first two extensions were exercised on 23 September 2021, said Icon, and the expected start is in October 2021 for a period of 120 days.

Icon owns one jack-up drilling which it purchased in October 2020. The rig - Perisai Pacific 101 - was mortgaged to Overseas-Chinese Banking, and owned by Perisai Petroleum Teknologi.

Icon has renamed the jack-up Icon Caren, which is a 400-foot water depth PPL Pacific Class design.

With this award, Icon said its order book has increased to 770 million ringgit (US$184 million) .

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