Workers and crew on offshore vessels could find soggy pastry and burnt sausages a thing of the past, thanks to an initiative by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

No more kitchen nightmares at sea is the message behind the ICS’ new record book for ships’ cooks.

'Training Record Book for Ships’ Cooks' is intended to enable cooks on vessels to track their career progression and communicate their expertise and experience to employers.

The book can be used by an individual to demonstrate he or she has followed a structured training programme and has an understanding of the core competencies required to safely prepare nutritious and appropriate food at sea.

“Ensuring every ship has a properly trained cook on board is vital,” the ICS said.

“It is widely known that a well-fed crew is essential to the effective running of a ship.”


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Natalie Shaw, director of employment affairs for the ICS, added: “The quality of food on board is so essential to crew welfare that it is documented in the ILO [International Labour Organization] Maritime Labour Convention, which recognises how important it is to have and serve sufficient food and drinking water of appropriate quality on board by qualified and trained catering personnel.”