Singapore’s Miclyn Express Offshore (MEO) has become the first vessel owner to have a crew boat awarded the “cyber managed prepared” notation by classification society Bureau Veritas.

“As shipping enters the digital era, vessels are becoming more connected. Having a robust cyber security framework is essential for safe, secure and resilient shipping operations,” said David Barrow, vice-president South Asia and Pacific, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

The notation was awarded to MEO’s newly delivered crew boat Express 101— the first of five new executive crew boats it ordered last year from Singapore’s Penguin Shipyard International.

With the increasing connectivity of the maritime world, in-service vessels such as crew boats are becoming a prime target for malicious cyberattacks, MEO said.

“There is a pressing need to protect vessels within the cyberspace and by preparing our vessels’ cyber safety and security measures, we are taking a crucial first step towards protecting its vessels and preserving business continuity,” the company said.

The cyber managed prepared notation provides a roadmap to build cyber managed vessels, meaning their on-board computers will be better protected against unauthorised access, misuse, destruction or improper disclosure of information.

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