UK-domiciled service provider TechnipFMC has secured a long-term charter and services contract for a pipelaying support vessel from Brazilian operator Petrobras.

TechnipFMC revealed Petrobras would take the Coral do Atlantico PLSV under a three-year charter, with an option to extend.

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The vessel is anticipated to commence operations under the contract in the second quarter of 2022, largely to operate in ultra-deep waters of up to 3000 metres.

“Coral do Atlantico is the third of our pipelay support vessels to be contracted via a long-term charter by Petrobras this year, indicating rising demand in the Brazilian market for flexibles,” said the president of TechnipFMC’s subsea business, Jonathan Landes.

“Coral do Atlantico’s versatility and ability to work in deep or shallow water is a large part of the vessel’s appeal. This latest contract further strengthens our collaborative, trusting relationship with Petrobras that spans decades.”

TecnipFMC did not confirm the contract value, stating only that it was a “substantial” award, which it typically values at between $250 million and $500 million.

Back in August, Petrobras awarded a trio of PLSV contracts to assist in operations in the Campos and Santos basins.

Petrobras awarded a joint venture between TechnipFMC and DOF Subsea a pair of three-year charters for its PLSVs Skandi Niteroi and Skandi Vitoria, with operations set to start in February 2022.

The oil giant also signed a deal with Sapura Navegacao — a partnership between Seadrill and Sapura Energy — to contract the PLSV Sapura Diamante.

With the addition of these four vessels, Petrobras will have a PLSV fleet of 17 units with contracts expiring between May 2022 and February 2027.

These include one contract with TechnipFMC, four with Subsea 7, and six each with Sapura Navegacao and TechnipFMC-DOF.

They are the Coral do Atlantico, Seven Waves, Seven Sun, Seven Rio, Seven Cruzeiro, Sapura Esmeralda, Sapura Onix, Sapura Jade, Sapura Rubi, Sapura Diamante, Sapura Topazio, Skandi Acu, Skandi Niteroi, Skandi Vitoria, Skandi Buzios, Skandi Recife and Skandi Olinda PLSVs.

The Sapura Topazio is currently contracted by Brazilian independent PetroRio until later this month for a pipelaying campaign in the Polvo-Tubarao Martelo shallow-water cluster in the Campos basin.