Australia's offshore oil and gas industry has been reminded by the country's petroleum safety regulator of its duty to notify and report accidents and dangerous occurrences.

In the recent months, there have been several offshore safety incidents reported in the Australian media, but it is not known which incident provoked the regulator Nopsema to issue its safety reminder on 8 September.

"Facility operators are reminded of their duty to notify and report accidents and dangerous occurrences to Nopsema, and that failure to do so is an offence of strict liability.

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"Operators must notify and report to Nopsema, as soon as practicable, any accident that causes death or serious injury to any individual at or near the facility, and where a member of the workforce is incapacitated from performing work for three or more days."

Any incident that did not, but could have caused an accident, or that "a reasonable operator" would deem to require an investigation must also be notified to Nopsema, added the regulator.

"If there is any doubt as to whether an injury is considered serious or not, a notification should be made."

In 2020, there were no deaths in Australia's offshore oil and gas industry out of 8.5 million total hours worked offshore.

There was one serious injury and 27 injuries; seven accidents and 368 dangerous occurrences. There were 60 well integrity incidents and eight environmental management incidents, according to Nopsema.