A pipeline blast followed by a fire halted natural gas supply from Iran to Turkey on Tuesday, Turkish media reported.

According to reports, the explosion occured near the border crossing of Gurbulak in the Turkish eastern province of Agri.

Flames were visible from surrounding villages and Agri town.

The Iran National Gas Company (NIGC) has blamed what it called terrorists for the attack, while Turkey said an investigation was launched.

The cause of the blast is unknown.

Repair work on the damaged section of the pipeline will take three to four days, Turkish officials said.

“The pipeline has exploded several times in the past. It is also likely that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has carried out the blast,” Mehdi Jamshidi-Dana, director of NIGC was quoted as saying by Iran’s state news agency, IRNA.

Turkey imported 7.7 billion cubic meters of gas from Iran in 2019, which is equal to 17% of its total gas imports, according to state statistics.