An investigation has been launched by the UK offshore safety regulator after a leak of produced water activated gas detectors on Apache North Sea’s Forties Charlie platform.

The incident occurred on 13 April.

Apache said produced water came into contact with a fixed gas detector on the platform, which triggered an alarm on the fire and gas console.

No gas monitors worn by staff were activated, the company said.

In line with procedures, workers vacated the area and emergency response procedures commenced.

Further investigation showed no gas was released, the company said.

“No personnel were injured, all personnel are safe and accounted for, and there was no harm to the environment,” Apache said.

A spokesperson for the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) said: “HSE is aware of an incident involving reported leakage of produced water on Apache’s Forties Charlie oil rig in the North Sea. We are making initial enquiries.”

The Forties oilfield is located 176 kilometres north-east of Aberdeen in the central North Sea.