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  • Moshiri puts Amos into Latin America spotlight

    Former Chevron regional head's new company already setting sights on Vaca Muerta acreage

    Weekly  upstreamonline.com 19 Mar 23:00 GMT Kathrine Schmidt

    US shale output to grow in April

    Permian set to lead oil growth, with Appalachia driving natural gas increase

    Online  upstreamonline.com 19 Mar 15:42 GMT Caroline Evans

    US Gulf Coast hits export milestone

    Oil-rich region achieved net exporter status in late 2018: EIA

    Online  upstreamonline.com 18 Mar 16:12 GMT Caroline Evans

    Hopes that shale sector can blossom

    China aims to follow in the footsteps of the US with unconventionals ‘revolution’ but it faces significant drilling challenges

    Focus Editions  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT Xu Yihe

    Argentina adds to Vaca Muerta pipeline plans

    Argentina is taking new steps to connect its increasing gas production from the Vaca Muerta shale to broader use in the domestic market, with key tenders to expand pipeline capacity and replace gas volumes from liquefied natural gas set to start in the coming months, writes Kathrine Schmidt. The first contest will expand pipeline capacity to bring output from the shale play closer to the major po

    Weekly  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT ....

    Springs find blooms for IGas

    UK player IGas Energy has hit shale gas with its well on the Springs Road prospect in northern England in the UK, writes Anamaria Deduleasa. The SR-01 well in North Nottinghamshire, the second in a three-well exploration drilling programme at sites at Tinker Lane and Springs Road, is targeting the Bowland shale geological formation. IGas said the well encountered a hydrocarbon-bearing shale sequ

    Weekly  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT ....

    Pressure pumpers work through price slump

    Services players across US shale sector talk numbers with operators to tackle weakened hydraulic fracturing market

    Weekly  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT Caroline Evans

    Shell makes stand against reversing methane regulations

    Anglo-Dutch supermajor Shell has put its head above the parapet and argued strongly against a proposal to roll back US methane regulations, writes Caroline Evans. Shell Oil president and executive vice president of unconventionals Gretchen Watkins told a conference in Houston this week that the company supports direct regulation of methane on existing and future sources, and does not support the

    Weekly  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT ....

    PetroChina and Sinopec remain leaders in drive for shale gas

    China will continue to rely on the country’s top two energy companies, PetroChina and Sinopec, to boost shale gas production to a target of 80 billion to 100 billion cubic metres per annum by 2030, following the government's lack of success in attracting private and independent companies to the sector, writes Xu Yihe. Some are questioning the government’s commitment to the initiative, given there

    Focus Editions  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT ....

    Shell and Total target Ordos basin tight gas output

    International supermajors Shell and Total hope to boost tight gas production in the Ordos basin despite complex geological challenges in the northern China region, writes Xi Yihe. France’s Total has been working with PetroChina since 2011 to develop the Sulige South tight gas field, where the challenges include changing dip, significant back pressure from the horizontal wells and possible leaks f

    Focus Editions  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT ....