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  • YPF close to Tango start

    Argentine state oil company YPF is closing in on initial production later this year via Exmar’s Tango floating liquefied natural gas unit, which the company sees as the first “baby steps” towards realising its export potential from the Vaca Muerta shale. YPF said the FLNG barge, which has capacity ranging from 500,000 to 2 million tonnes per annum, arrived in Argentina about a month ago after a l

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    China reaches for Blue Sky with gas drive

    Government relying on fuel as stepping stone to renewable energy, with demand set for huge increase

    Focus Editions  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 23:00 GMT Xu Yihe

    Foreign players pitch in for China

    Foreign companies in production sharing partnerships with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) are expanding their operations in China, cashing in on initial successes in the world’s largest energy-consuming country, writes Xu Yihe. CNPC’s production partners, led by Anglo-Dutch supermajor Shell, Total of France and US giant Chevron, last year produced more than 10 million tonnes of oil eq

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    CNPC drilling spree aimed at prioritising domestic output

    China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has decided to drill up to 20,000 oil and gas wells per year through 2024, many of which will target shale gas, tight gas and shale oil, writes Xu Yihe. In 2019 alone, drilling footage is expected to rise by 20%, and the number of horizontal wells will reach 2000, the company said. Wang and CNPC betting big on oil finds in north-west China Sources

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    Calls to tackle frack hits in US

    The US shale industry is being urged to take a more organised approach to dealing with the growing problem of interference between wells, writes Caroline Evans. Operators have until recently approached the growing issue of frack hits, which occur when the intensity of completions migrate to other wells and cut into production, on a trial-and-error basis by experimenting with the amount of spacing

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    Legacy mulls potential sale

    US independent eyes alternatives as market-watchers expect Permian consolidation

    Online  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 16:29 GMT Caroline Evans

    Permian still faces gas pipeline shortage

    Panelists says basin running behind when building out gas infrastructure

    Online  upstreamonline.com 14 Mar 01:07 GMT Kathrine Schmidt

    Colombia's Suarez says sector must gain local trust

    Communities continue to be wary of unconventional exploration plans

    Online  upstreamonline.com 13 Mar 22:37 GMT Julia Martinez

    US deals market stalls

    Momentum from 2018 deal wave has not carried over to 2019: Tudor

    Online  upstreamonline.com 13 Mar 15:04 GMT Caroline Evans

    Shell pushes back against methane rollbacks

    Anglo-Dutch supermajor calls on Trump administration to strengthen rules

    Online  upstreamonline.com 12 Mar 22:59 GMT Caroline Evans