The world’s second largest continent is home to a quarter of the 186 FPSOs operating in the world today. Of these, 10% are located in the western part of Africa in places like Ghana, Mauritania, Cote D’ivore and Nigeria, which is where you'll find three FPSOs including the world’s largest: Egina FPSO.

The Egina FPSO is located 150 miles off the coast, in the Egina field. The unit was developed locally by Total Upstream Nigeria in collaboration with CNOOC, Petrobras and Sapetro. Similar developments are expected take shape throughout Africa in the near future as a growing number of companies explore uncharted territory in new destinations.

Support from governments and investors, coupled with consistent winds and currents, make the continent a conducive environment for new FPSO projects to take root.

Check out The Africa FPSO Market Outlook to learn more about notable projects, key trends and future opportunities in the region. If the article piques your interest consider attending the upcoming FPSO Africa Congress 2019 conference, which convenes in early December.