In a recent webinar, Rivero explained how the Rajant mesh network allows companies to make smart fields even smarter. Unlike other wireless mesh network offerings on the market, Rajant's kinetic mesh solution provides fully mobile wireless broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof in any application.

It functions autonomously to provide continuous connectivity across a dynamic environment of fixed and mobile assets, delivering robust applications in real time. And because it is a “living” mesh solution, it moves and evolves as a company’s connectivity demands change.

Al J. Rivero led the discussion about wireless mesh networks on 22 April 2020. Photo: Rajant

This multi-layer network is designed specifically for industrial applications and supports autonomous systems like robots and drones, enabling superior protection for moving

equipment and workers, which translates into increased up time and enhanced productivity. The intelligent, self-healing mesh design can provide back-haul and Wi-Fi, adapts to changing environments without intervention, and delivers quantifiable improvements to asset management while streamlining operations and increasing oilfield safety.

Perhaps most significantly, Rajant solutions enable end users to future-proof networks so changing demands on the network and advances in technology no longer cause costly disruptions.

The recording of Rivero’s virtual discussion and presentation, entitled IIoT 4.0 for the Oil Field–A New Norm is available on demand. Tune in to learn:

  • The value of a self-healing, intelligent network that can adapt to changing environments without intervention
  • How persistent mobility (make before break) improves safety for mobile workers
  • How built-in support for industrial applications and voice deliver flexibility and efficiency
  • Why making the right choice today saves headaches – and money – by future-proofing the cybersecurity network for tomorrow