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Are geoscientists accessing machine learning's power?

As AI evolves, seismic interpreters in the oil and gas sector are poised to save time, gain value and realise their full potential — provided they find the right partner.
Published  28 May 2021 2:13 GMT
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The next level of high-performance computing

By partnering with Huawei, oil and gas companies can use distributed storage to enhance computing power and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their oil exploration efforts while building a more sustainable operation.
Published  6 May 2021 18:10 GMT
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Top considerations when choosing tank linings

Jotun outlines six critical considerations that should be top of mind when deciding which lining is right for your crude, petrochemical or chemical storage tank.
Published  1 May 2021 4:38 GMT
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What can capital projects learn from nature?

How to adapt. ABB Adaptive Execution™ brings a fresh approach to project execution by integrating expert teams, new technologies, agile processes and validated methodologies.
Published  23 March 2021 15:41 GMT
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Natural gas helps MET better lead the energy transition

Gas markets provide traditional fuels to help the energy transition, while renewables are a growing part of the energy mix. MET Group’s CFO explains why an integrated company can be involved in both sides.
Published  8 January 2021 15:22 GMT
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Peru courts bidders for Talara blocks

Perupetro poised to ring in the New Year with a bidding process linked to mature northern fields that present substantial opportunities — for the right partner.
Published  24 December 2020 8:09 GMT
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Changing the way you think about maintenance

Platform owners want to cut maintenance costs everywhere they can while ensuring reliable availability of equipment. According to Liebherr, this tension has been resolved with a new solution called LiMain.
Published  26 November 2020 1:20 GMT
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Shifting from an oil to energy provider sustainably

SVP at PowerAdvocate, a global data provider specialising in supply chain and cost management, explains how leading operators are evolving while navigating the new risks they face in today’s increasingly complex environment.
Published  20 November 2020 5:07 GMT
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A new era of valve architecture

PetrolValves’ innovative PV BRAVA valve represents the next stage of evolution in the valve industry, delivering a 25% reduction in weight compared to standard products.
Published  10 November 2020 7:59 GMT
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FPSO Insider: Yinson keeps eye on the prize in Africa

Nigeria and Ghana will remain a central area of focus for the FPSO provider going forward despite Covid-19, regional uncertainty and the rising tide of opportunities elsewhere, says CEO of offshore production.
Published  9 November 2020 4:04 GMT
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Colombia's O&G industry ready for the 'New Normal'

Colombia’s government prepares an aggressive plan to attract investment in O&G. Announcements will be made at the III Oil and Gas Summit conference in Bogota 18 through 20th November 2020.
Published  30 October 2020 2:23 GMT
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All eyes on Peru as offshore exploration push continues

New hydrocarbon plays take shape as Perupetro doubles down on mutli-client projects while leveraging fresh datasets to mitigate geological risk of exploration for prospective partners and investors.
Published  1 October 2020 5:06 GMT
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Accelerating digital transformation in oil & gas with 5G

From speeding up data transfer and streamlining global communications to deploying IIoT solutions and leveraging AI, 5G networks deliver unprecedented upside to oil and gas companies.
Published  20 July 2020 4:13 GMT
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Shell puts subsea flow assurance technology to the test

Breakthroughs in deepwater heater cable technology takes centre stage in the wake of oil & gas juggernaut’s freshly minted contract with seasoned US start-up Salamander Solutions.
Published  26 June 2020 18:37 GMT
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Enauta reflects on O&G response to Covid-19 in Brazil

How a top Brazilian independent remained resilient in the face of Covid-19 and other crises by leveraging its nation's strategic value to the global energy market and doubling down on diversification.
Published  26 June 2020 8:25 GMT
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ABS advances offshore solutions for FPSOs in Brazil

Brazil represents a unique and complex regulatory environment, which is why the industry will benefit from experienced guidance, writes Matt Tremblay, ABS Vice President for Global Offshore.
Published  26 June 2020 4:26 GMT