Watch recording | The operating model of the future: Executing the vision of digital and AI

Access the first in a two-part webinar series from Kongsberg Digital.

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Photo: Kongsberg Digital.

In the first of a two-part webinar series, Kongsberg Digital brings together visionaries of the energy industry to discuss how Digital Performance Models (DPMs) are shaping the future of the sector. Providing insights and knowledge are a panel of senior leaders who actively utilise and see the benefits of DPMs themselves. Grant Christie (VP of Business Transformation at Kongsberg Digital), Paul Siwek (Managing Director of Accenture’s Industry X Practice), Luke Schauerte (VP, Asset, for LNG Canada) join moderator Haavard Oestensen (EVP and CCO at Kongsberg Digital) to get to the heart of the matter.

The webinar covers:

  • Why senior energy executives are looking at DPMs to run their businesses better.
  • Why DPMs will serve as a foundational part of future business strategy.
  • Why DPMs are the future.

The second webinar will take place on June 20th 2024, and it will centre around how to successfully achieve the vision for digital and AI with the operating model of the future.