Keeping it together

Screens are a popular, albeit expensive, solution to dealing with sand production. Engineers at Saudi Aramco are betting that nanoparticles will keep the sand in the reservoir and oil production flowing.


Sensor sensibility

Oil and gas operators are boosting efficiency with greater use of mobile devices and internet-connected sensors in the workplace. Adapting them for safe operation in hazardous environments is the mission of a leading manufacturer of intrinsically safe tablets

Well intelligence

In a bid to help keep drilling and completion costs down, one company is turning to drilling data to create formation evaluation logs.

Downhole Technology

The oil and gas industry’s push for greater operational efficiency is making inroads below the surface. Operators have a raft of new downhole tools to help maximise production, save on costs and reduce risk. In this Spotlight on Downhole Technology, Upstream Technology examines a some of these tools and techniques, from nanotechnology for better completions to predictive analytics for corrosion control, new technology for wellbore inspection and the growing use of multilateral wells in unconventional hydrocarbon production.

Floating production

While big projects anchored by large floating production units have traditionally dominated the deep-water picture, a cost-conscious industry is taking a closer look at smaller, standardised solutions for many new projects. Upstream Technology’s Spotlight on Floating Production investigates how operators and suppliers are finding creative solutions to make the economics work in a low oil price market, from new thinking on FPSO designs to improved tie-in techniques, optimised topsides to smarter use of data.