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  • Protest loses bearings in Drax attack

    Climate activists this week hit UK electrical power company Drax with a protest against fossil fuel usage — eventually. Around 200 protesters from Reclaim the Power descended on 41 Moorgate in London, chaining themselves to the office’s front door in protest at Drax’s involvement in building a power station in northern England. The only problem was that Drax had moved down the road to an office on Noble Street last year, leaving the activists

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    Tullow sees South Lokichar green light after June 2020

    late June, key issues over land and water usage have yet to be finalised. “In 2018 we would have said that maybe the end of 2019 was a realistic target

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    Surging US natural gas output puts squeeze on prices

    Inventory injections also set record pace as mild weather cuts usage

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    Rosneft lets fly at Reuters’ plane text

    Russian state-controlled oil producer Rosneft has toned down its accusations against a leading international wire service, saying that the frequent usage of its corporate jet reflects the “extreme intensity” of the work schedule of its president Igor Sechin. At the end of the last week, Reuters reported that out of 290 publicly tracked flights of the jet between January 2015 and May 2019, 96 took place during Russian public holidays or between

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    Hydrogen ‘could replace gas’ in energy mix - IEA

    The use of hydrogen could help address critical energy challenges and even “replace” fossil fuels in the future, if integrated well, however, action is required to help governments, companies and other stakeholders to scale up the fuel's usage. A new report – The Future of Hydrogen: Seizing Today’s Opportunities – released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) at the meeting of G20 energy and environment ministers in Japan, landed at a time when hydrogen

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    NZ has 11 years of gas reserves

    The latest government figures show New Zealand has 11 years of remaining gas reserves which emphasises the need for new exploration and development, said the country's upstream representative body. The new data released today by the government showed proven and probable remaining reserves were 2116 petajoules at 1 January 2019, up about 7% on last year. This would be equivalent to 11 years of demand based on four year’s usage. "New exploration and

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    OPINION: Gas will continue to play key role in UK

    last week that widescale deployment of carbon capture usage and storage technology will play a key role in allowing the UK to meet its emissions targets

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    UK commits to net zero emissions by 2050

    , carbon capture usage and storage. “We have already welcomed the Climate Change Committee report and are engaging with our members on the practical steps

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    UK warned of lower carbon challenges

    carbon capture usage and storage technology (CCUS) will be essential for the UK to meet its carbon reduction emissions targets. “We need to work out how

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    Cuoco joins race for clean energy

    US actress Kaley Cuoco, best known for her role in the long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory, has teamed up with none other than oil giant Shell for a new innovative travel show project. As the host of The Great Travel Hack, a digital video series available on YouTube, Cuoco will be working with the Anglo-Dutch supermajor in an effort to raise awareness of clean energy usage. Cuoco, who on The Big Bang Theory played a waitress-cum-actress-cum

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