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  • Digitalisation gives Equinor a boost

    2.7 billion barrels. In addition, its recovery ambitions are now expected to be above 70%. Sverdrup phase two on horizon “Johan Sverdrup will be the...before we start production for phase two in 2022,” she added. Equinor operates the field with a 40.03% interest on behalf of partners Lundin Petroleum (22...company’s project, which is moving towards the second phase of development, “had a tool box full of technological achievements”. Partners to table Johan

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    Sverdrup phase two on horizon

    tour to Johan Sverdrup this week, where the four-platform first phase is due to come on stream next year, Johan Sverdrup project director Trond Bokn said that the coming phase two development plan will keep the previously announced production plateau level of 660,000 barrels per day of oil. “We have in...when it will present the phase two development plan, but Upstream has previously reported that it will be published during the ONS conference in

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    Norway facing uncertainty on two fronts

    , and domestic players also won the Johan Sverdrup phase two contracts. Even so, there are clouds on the horizon. By 2023, all large discoveries will be...handed out key contracts for the Nkr45 billion ($5.8 billion) second phase of the Johan Sverdrup development, while the government sent the Nkr49 billion...fields in the past year — and that is not counting Johan Sverdrup 2, where the final investment decision is due this autumn. A dozen or so smaller projects

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    NPD sounds exploration alarm

    . Currently, there are nine field projects undergoing development including the first phase of Johan Sverdrup and Aasta Hansteen, both led by Statoil...projected to increase over the next five years largely due to the giant Johan Sverdrup project coming on stream next year, fresh finds have fallen far short...is estimated to hold around 16 billion boe - or two-thirds - of remaining undiscovered resources of 25.1 billion boe, according to its latest resource

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    Low profitability of renewables puts more pressure on Statoil for exploration success

    on the horizon for Statoil after Johan Sverdrup phase two and Johan Castberg are completed around 2022. Internationally, the company is also...Castberg oil project is expected to be profitable after just two years of production. Statoil chief executive Eldar Saetre recently told analysts he is

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    Kvaerner sights on Sverdrup 2

    similar concept as one alternative, along with a subsea tieback, for development of phase two of Johan Sverdrup that would also see an additional processing platform installed.“Phase two of Sverdrup is a very important project for us. Despite the loss of the Oseberg contract, we are working further with this...and development of smaller fields with a short-term production horizon, adding such a platform could also be reused on other projects.The contractor

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    Statoil closing in on Sverdrup part two

    selection this year.Phase two of the Johan Sverdrup development is expected to start production in 2022 and is expected to boost total field output from 350....The field partners have been instructed by the Norwegian parliament to include in the plans for Johan Sverdrup phase two an area-wide power-from-shore...platform fabricators.The Norwegian operator and its partners in the Sverdrup oilfield, which in June won approval for the $15 billion first phase of the

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    Kvaerner and KBR join forces in Norway hunt

    deliver is to have solid engineering muscle for the first phase of the project.”In addition to engineering capacity, former Halliburton subsidiary KBR...Nkr120 billion ($19.5 billion), Sverdrup is one of the world’s largest offshore projects on the horizon in the next few years, making it a coveted prize...The two companies are setting up a joint venture to share engineering capacity and expertise, aiming to land at least one of the topsides contracts

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    Only way is up for Statoil's fields

    looking at development options, aiming to reach a decision on where and how to develop the first phase of the field in the fourth quarter of 2013.The target...will be a phased development. We will start in one place and work from there, with continuous drilling over several years,” said Oivind Reinertsen..., and start front-end engineering and design studies in 2014.“Sverdrup is very special — it is the next generation’s Statfjord with a horizon of 30 to 40

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    Det Norske cuts losses

    as a phased development in 2018....two dry wells.The Norwegian independent, which currently has minimal production, is now looking to upcoming field project start-ups to generate much...the horizon, Det Norske aims to bring online its operated Draupne field in the fourth quarter of 2016, after signing an agreement with Edvard Grieg

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