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PODCAST: The Trump Effect

This week on The Bit, we discuss how the new US president's policies may affect domestic and international operators.

First, Noah Brenner and Kat Schmidt report back from Midland and Mexico City, respectively, on sentiment following Donald Trump's stunning win.

(Hint: One group is thrilled, another is nervous.)

Then we dig into the details of Trump's stated policy goals, including rollbacks on regulations onshore and offshore US.

We also wonder if there is a better post for Trump's rumoured Energy Secretary pick, Harold Hamm.

Weatherford waved goodbye to longtime chief executive Bernard Duroc-Danner, and more, this week on The Bit.

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  • Oil companies were likely as shocked as anyone to see Donald Trump win the US presidential election. And like with most other industrial sectors, there seem to be more questions than answers.
  • Nevertheless, industry groups rushed to praise the election results, amid expectations that energy will take a more central role under a Trump administration.
  • After the election, Pemex boss Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya travelled to New York to reassure investors with a "message of certainty".
  • Continental chief executive Harold Hamm, and others, are thought to be on Trump's short list to oversee the Energy Department.
  • Weatherford chief executive Bernard Duroc-Danner abruptly resigned, and the company promptly said it would offer up to $1 billion in new stock, as well as offer new debt.

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