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PODCAST: Fractured Relationships

Baker Hughes is breaking out its fracking business, Weatherford is idling its frack fleet, and Hess is taking Schlumberger to court over broken valves, this week on The Bit


First, Kat Schmidt details Hess' lawsuit against Schlumberger, whose allegedly flawed subsurface valves led to production losses and tens of millions in repairs at the Tubular Bells project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Then Noah Brenner gives us the low down on Baker Hughes' plans to resurrect BJ Services as a pressure pumping pure-play, while Weatherford indefinitely shuts down its own fracking operations.

Canadian operators are starting to worry as much about crack pipes as cracks in pipes, and more, this week on The Bit.

(For insight on Opec's production cuts, check out podcast Episode 87.)

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