The Canadian oil sands industry should be over the moon with "Over a Barrel”, a 30-minute documentary that calls into question the funding sources of the country's anti-fossil fuel movement. The film, which was released shortly before Canadians took to the polls in a federal election centred on energy and environmental policy, places the humble oil sands industry as the victim in a tense conspiracy thriller involving the Rockefellers, black bears and many people’s favourite punching bag these days, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The film does raise important issues, such as how environmental groups use indigenous communities to their benefit. Of course, there is no mention of the many times the oil and gas industry has taken advantage of Canada's First Nations and indigenous people. While filmmaker Vivian Krause took great pains to detail the funding of green groups from American foundations, she failed to mention where she got the backing for her film. " I work on my own, on my own nickel, unpaid, " Krause says on her own blog. " I am not funded nor affiliated with any industry, any company or any political party. But, according to a list compiled